Groundswell Theatre Company

Groundswell is a raucous and contemplative physical theater company based in Philadelphia. Our work engages a highly collaborative, actor-driven approach. With artistic roots in the Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training, Headlong Performance Institute, Double Edge Theatre, The Atlantic Theatre Company, and long-form improvisation, Groundswell’s creations are a finely orchestrated extension of the raw and thunderous discoveries that are born from spontaneous inspiration. Our topics of inquiry range from romance on the Underground Railroad to pitiful masculinity movements of the 1990’s to the philosophical paradox of the afterlife.

In an age when theater too often sits ambivalently in the shadow of film, TV and digital media, Groundswell’s work is attuned to the unique experience that theater alone affords: an immediate dialogue between authors and audience. Our work engages a conversation that can only exist in real space and real time with real bodies. We exalt the rarity of the mass communion and obsessively curate complete sensory experiences that tickle, seduce, punch, deceive, and inspire. We delight in the bewitching power of the theater while rejecting the staid and bourgeois conventions that the art form has unfortunately come to connote. Groundswell begins with wild ‘what-if’s’ and ends deep inside a rabbit hole that you never even knew was there.