Interior Design Ideas

Making stencil throw pillows

Do you like the modern style throw pillows that’s for sale at the moment ? Then why not have a go at making your
own, you will need a few supplies, fabric of your choice, cardboard, a pencil, stencils and fabric markers, cut your fabric into two squares or rectangle shapes of equal size allowing a half inch extra for the seam then choose any quote or how about making it personal and having Mr. and Mrs. and your wedding date anything goes, stretch your fabric out smooth around the cardboard to stop the marker leaking through, pencil your choice of words onto the fabric and erase until you are happy with the look, once you are happy go over the pencil with the fabric marker using a stencil at each step place the two pieces of fabric together right side in stitch together three sides of the fabric leaving your half inch seam allowance turn the fabric right side out so you can now see your design. Tuck a half-inch of fabric at the open edge inside the pillow, iron the fabric , fill your pillow with the stuffing and stitch the opening together and there you have it a modern throw pillow that is personal and unique to you.

Teen girls hang out room

So she is a teenager now why not give her very own girl’s hangout, somewhere she is not embarrassed to bring her
friends. There are plenty of options to choose from, her favorite band, her favorite movie or just her favorite color. Whichever you choose make sure it will be something she loves as it is her room. If your room theme is a color, paint your room that color. If your room theme is Paris, for example, paint a mural on your wall of the Eiffel tower (or hire a pro to do it for you). You could also use wallpaper on your walls, there are wallpapers with boy bands on or
even a views of London or new York. Buy a cool bedspread that matches the theme in color at least, add throw pillows having some with the same design as the theme of the room and some just the same color as the room, add beanbags for that relaxed atmosphere, add cool fluffy rugs and soft light curtains, buy cool photo frames and if you really want to spoil her add a cool music system, then finally supply the snacks and she will love you forever.

Carpet vs. wood flooring

The age old carpet vs. wood flooring debate has most people’s heads hurting, are you unsure and just don’t know what to do? Here are a few pros and cons that may help you make that final decision. Beyond the actual look you need to consider your family lifestyle, Does the family remove shoes at the door? Are the pets house-trained? Does the family take dinners into the dining room” all of these things will have an impact on the flooring that you choose. Wooden flooring is obviously longer lasting than a carpet and can be refinished over and over again to freshen the look back up, wooden floors also help alleviate those nasty allergies. It’s a lot easier to spot spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on hardwood floors. Spills can be completely wiped up if you have a busy and full household. Carpet however is easier faster and cheaper to lie; you also have a wider choice of pattern and color to match your decor with carpet. Although wooden flooring is harder wearing carpet can hide a multitude of sins and needs cleaning a lot less often. Carpet is also a lot warmer and gives a cozier feeling to a room.