Networking For A Job

Trying to find a new job, whether you have been downsized or simply want to get something different can be challenging in this economy but one thing that can really increase your odds of finding that perfect job is making sure that you are networking properly.

While it’s all well and good to look at job postings, employment boards and classified ads in good times, when jobs are scarce you really have to do some networking in order to discover jobs that have just come up. Indeed, proper networking can insure you get your foot in the door (and possibly land the job) before anyone else even knows about it.

Networking Offline

Networking offline is actually just a matter of contacting others in your field to let them know you are available.

Getting in touch with former co-workers and even bosses that have moved on to greener pastures is a great way to get your foot in the door at a new company. In fact, companies would much rather hire someone who comes with referenced from the inside so if you know of people that are working at companies that you would like to work at, then look them up and let them know you are available.

Networking doesn’t have to involve only people you know, it can also mean going to job fairs and even contacting companies that you are interested in and asking if you can drop off a resume.

When it comes to networking, you can’t be shy – the more people that know you are available, the more job opportunities you can expect to come your way.

Networking Online

Similar to networking offline, networking online involves letting people know that you are looking for a job in a certain field. Of course there are the different job boards and such, but what you should really consider doing is researching the different forums and blogs that pertain to your field. Join in the discussion and become a valuable contributor and you’d be amazed at what might come up. And don’t forget to check your postings with Robot Don text checker to avoid grammar mistakes.