Unravel Me Book Review

Hi again, bibliophiles! Sorry this post was delayed a couple of times.

Unravel Me – there are some spoilers in this book review, and it’s heavy on the quotes, so proceed with caution if you haven’t read the sequel yet!


To be honest, I don’t know if there are more of the positive or negative variety. I’ve had a couple of weeks separating reading and writing this, and I’ve gone back over the story a few times. I’ve also chatted with people who have read it in the meantime, and I feel like my opinion has finally settled. I first had a read-along with Angie (aka my biggest cheerleader), and I surprised myself by being so caught up in it! I raced through it in one evening, and my brain was spinning by the end. As I’ve had some time to process, frustration has settled in, but not because of what seems to be the biggest point of contention for others – aka Warner.

Unravel Me brings us deeper into Omega Point and the resistance that has been building there. As they prepare below, threats from above close in until worlds finally collide. As the already decimated world crumbles further, Juliette herself is unravelling, and must make difficult decisions, including whose love fulfills her wants and needs.

Just as Juliette’s usually lethal touch becomes better understood in this novel, so are the other powers possessed by those gifted Omega Point inhabitants. As is expected, Adam’s ability to experience Juliette’s touch is actually linked to his power; he endures it, but not without a cost to himself. His body goes into overdrive protecting itself from other powers that affect or attack him. I love the above quote: not only is it an example of Mafi’s writing that I find effective, but it displays the duality of heat in Adam and Juliette’s relationship. There’s the figurative, all-consuming, UNF-y aspect, but running under that is the dangerous literal and physical element.