What is Courage? Are We Born With It?

Do you believe you are a courageous person?  Some people are born with fire inside of them and seem to have skins as thick as stone.  

These people are lucky and they are also the exception to the rule.  Without proper education, these people could go on to do great things with their lives only to be torn down as victims of their own pride, to their risk taking, or even worse yet, never figure out their role in life.

Learning to be courageous is a lot like building muscle – you must exercise your mind and push your limits in order for it to grow.  If not, it will be the same size and you will only be comfortable tackling the same tasks as the same role.

Doesn’t looking at obstacles sometimes just seem too daunting?  Sometimes it feels like a path through rosebushes only to face a giant grizzly bear at the end.  Just thinking about it makes your heart jump into your throat.  I am sure that we have all felt this once.  Not fear, but utter terror.

Now, I am going to tell you that the rosebushes and the bear really don’t exist.  The bushes are warm waves on the ocean, you are on a surfboard, and the grizzly bear is your lover waiting for you to get back to shore.  This makes the situation seem a whole lot more tolerable.  Even if you aren’t a surfer you can be more motivated at having this thought.  This mental device is called reframing and being able to use it is one of the most important tools to gain what you want in life.  Your obstacles are your friends – the giant beast at the end of your quest is just a tiny little shivering mouse.

Does attaining your goal mean you must be courageous?  Unless you have tiny goals of no worth to others or even yourself, the answer is yes.  Courage is part faith in your abilities and yourself, part burning desire that your obstacle must be defeated, and part planning.  Plan out and research your obstacle or your goal because if you don’t, you have no more knowledge of the subject than a newbie.

  • faith in your abilities
  • burning desire
  • planning

Courage probably means something different to everyone.  Don’t know what to be courageous about?  Start with your fears.  Imagine a fear you have that if you didn’t would make your life a whole lot richer.  Start there.